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A government client was faced with criminals released into the society who ended up in the Police force because of poor documentation to cause or contribute to more crimes. Our government client needed a system for security data recording and identity tracking of captured and released criminals.


XEQ CrimeSys Lite was designed and proposed to the client. CrimeSys Lite provides the capability to store, monitor and track all criminals and persons pardoned through militant amnesty program. This data then linked to national security and intelligence organizations including the Police, Security Service and Immigrations. The system incorporated regular and biometric capture devices, relational database solutions, with Local and Wide Area networks to allow for easy capture of data, storage and backup. The real time networking component of this system makes stored records easily accessible and editable. Stored data could be accessed using networked computers, mobile phones, PDAs or any device with access to the internet.


  • Reduced threat to public safety and security through the heightened level of inter-agency communication, analysis, and information sharing designed to anticipate and counter violent acts.
  • Provide intelligent basis for training in criminal and protection of critical infrastructure related issues.
  • Establishes the Critical Intelligence Management System (CIMS) to interface with joint task force.
  • Elevated the discussions on public safety policy formulation and justifications.